We take a one-to-one approach to rent, plan and redevelop office space. Below are the basic figures, we specify all details at the negotiation stage.

  • The base rental rate per square meter excluding VAT is $ 19.5.
  • Operating costs (OPEX) excluding VAT is $ 4.
  • The total area ratio is 1.15.
  • Decoration period and vacation rentals. Depending on the size (1000 square meters – 2 months).
  • The insurance payment amount. Refined at the negotiation stage.
  • Parking spaces rent per month without VAT is $150.

Project selection criteria:

  • Possibility of technical implementation
  • Economic feasibilityАдекватна оцінка ринку
  • Adequate market assessment
  • Competitive advantages
  • Business model capability
  • Availability of promotion and sales strategy
  • Investment attractiveness


LvivTech.City does not work with projects specializing in: production and distribution of alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, erotic products, creation and development of military and dual-use technologies, organization and conducting of gambling, mining, capital construction, operations with commercial, industrial or residential real estate.

What You Can Get With Resident Status?

Together with the status of a partner, the company gets access to LvivTech.City services:

  • new investment possibility;
  • business incubator;
  • legal advice;
  • accounting services;
  • consulting services;
  • assistance in protecting intellectual activity results.;
  • conference rooms;
  • video conference facilities;
  • broadband Internet and telephony.


You need to apply at lviv-tech.city. The project must meet formal requirements – be a legal entity and belong to a small or medium-sized business. Besides, there are several criteria for resident selection and conceptual exceptions. Visit LvivTech.City website for more details.


    What are the benefits / opportunities provided by a partner status?

    Together with the status of a partner, the company gets access to LvivTech.City services.

    For what period is the status of a partner granted?

    The term of partner status is unlimited.

    Do I need to confirm my partner status after a while?

    No. However, in case of termination of work on the project specified in the application for residency, the question of excluding the company from the number of residents may be raised.

    Is it possible to apply for several projects at once?

    Sure. Thus, it is possible to submit one package of documents, but the separate application for carrying out examination on each innovative project.

    If I am denied partner status, can I re-apply?

    Yes, it is allowed. The application must be finalized in accordance with the recommendations of the commission.

    For what reasons can the company lose the status of LvivTech.City partner?

    In case of non-fulfillment of the terms of the agreement between LvivTech.City and the resident; failure to provide quarterly reports; absence of project activity for one year; at the personal request of the partner.

    What reports should be provided to the innovation park by the residents?

    The reporting requested by LvivTech.City from residents on a quarterly basis is presented in the Annex to the Model Agreement.