Art action “Ukraine in children’s hands”

6 May, 2022

The UDP Innovative Park team in partnership with the School of Arts for Free and Indifferent decided to support our children and paint a little of their childhood in today’s difficult conditions

On April 28 in the city of Lviv on the basis of the first Innovative park in Western Ukraine LvivTech.City kid created a message for a peaceful future. This picture will become a monument, a talisman because it was created by sincere children’s hands. He will have a special strength, strength of spirit, and steadfastness. Both immigrant children and local young artists joined the creative process.

In addition to creativity, the children visited an extremely interesting tour of the construction site and received sweet gifts from our partners.

Children’s creativity has special healing power. This is another solid brick in the common house of our victory.
The event was initiated by the team of UDP Innovative Park – a leading Ukrainian investment and development company that uses the world’s best practices of urban development, initiates and successfully implements long-term projects, and creates innovation parks.

The realization and creative component were provided by our friends and partners – the School of Arts of the Free and Indifferent. It is a full-time primary school that deals with the creative and sports development of young Ukrainians, as well as have a rich academic program.

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